About the Office

The Mahoning County Law Library will be conducted as statutorily directed in a fair, honest and courteous manner while avoiding debt and extravagance. We will assist our customers in their effort to use the legal system effectively, maintain a practice-oriented collection of legal material, continually improve our services, develop facilities and spaces within the law library that enables study and collaboration, and provide professional staff that demonstrate excellent communication skills and use technology to improve workflow and enhance the flow of legal information.

About Us

The Law Library was established in 1904 by local attorneys. It operated as a quasi-private association until 2010. The library is now run by a board appointed by the County Commissioners, County Prosecutor, County & Municipal Court Judges, and Common Pleas Judges. We do not receive any general fund money. The majority of our funding is from a statutory scheme which directs 25% of the fine portion of speeding tickets issued under Ohio Revised Code sections regarding the violations. 

Resource Board

Atty. Jay Blackstone
Atty. Diane L. Chermely
Atty. Joseph D. Kondela, Chairman
Atty. Thomas J. Lipka
Deborah Liptak


Susan McGrew has been in charge of the library since January 2016. 
Susan McGrew is a Librarian who works with the legal community, directing them to resources to answer their research needs.
Susan believes that the Law Library plays an essential role in the legal system allowing everyone to have access to quality materials they need to present the best argument possible.  With the abundance of legal information available, Susan directs people to the right information, quickly and efficiently.
In her time at the Mahoning County Law Library, Susan has transformed the library into a welcoming space for research, meeting clients, and a pleasant place to pass the time between hearings. 
Susan earned a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science from Kent State University.