About the Office

Mission Statement 

"The mission of Mahoning County GIS Department is to improve and promote the health, safety and welfare of its citizens. Mahoning County GIS has established the ideal of combining information from other county offices into a centralized data warehouse utilizing the best technology available. The Mahoning County GIS Department is dedicated to this ideal by providing public records, education and services to the community with quality and timeliness."

Under the authority of Mahoning County Auditor Ralph T. Meacham, CPA, this project, site and all data is:

Maintained and operated by:
  • Mahoning County GIS Department
  • Mahoning County Data Processing/IT Department
Funded by non-general funds provided by:
  • Mahoning County Engineer - Patrick T. Ginnetti
  • Mahoning County Sanitary Department
  • Mahoning County Auditor - Ralph T. Meacham
  • Mahoning County Board of Commissioners
    David C. Ditzler
    Carol Rimedio-Righetti
    Anthony Traficanti

What We Do

The GIS Department primarily provides services for the Auditors office, Engineers office and the Sanitary Engineers office. All other departments and public access is derived through the use of the Mahoning County GIS website.