About the Office

Mission Statement

  • To collect Mahoning County’s real estate and personal property taxes in a timely manner
  • To accurately and efficiently process all payments into the County
  • To aggressively, yet fairly, pursue and collect delinquent taxes
  • To manage and invest taxpayers’ money in a fiduciary capacity, understanding that we are in a position of trust
  • To maximize investment returns in a primary environment of absolute safety of principal
  • To always strive for efficiency and economy of operation, understanding that we work for the taxpayers
  • To treat our customers - the taxpayers and citizens of Mahoning County - with the courtesy and respect they deserve

What We Do

Acting as the County's banker, the Treasurer manages and invests all monies collected by or transferred to the County. The Treasurer also redeems warrants for payment as issued by the County Auditor.

More specifically, the Treasurer:
  • Facilitates yearly tax collections for Real Estate (approximately $230 million), Manufactured Homes (approximately $350,000), and Personal Property (approximately $25 million).
  • Collects estate taxes and vendor and cigarette license fees
  • Manages Mahoning County's investment portfolio
  • Aggressively, yet fairly, pursues and collects delinquent taxes. The Treasurer's Office has collected approximately $10 million in delinquent taxes annually
  • Facilitates economic development through Mahoning County Land Reutilization Corporation (County LandBank) a quasi-governmental organization designed to promote healthy sustainable neighborhoods by restoring vacant, abandoned, tax-delinquent land to productive status
  • Provides quality customer service to the taxpayers of Mahoning County
The County Treasurer is the chairman of the Mahoning County Land Reutilization Corporation (County Landbank), the Investment Advisory Board, Data Processing Board and serves as a member of the Budget Commission and the Board of Revision.

The taxpayers of Mahoning County Benefit most from the Treasurer Department.

General Fund: 20%
General Fund: 20%