A conservatorship is a voluntary trust relationship using guardianship laws and procedures as its basis, in which one party, known as a conservator, acts with Court supervision for a competent, but physically infirmed adult, who is called the conservatee.

A conservatorship is based on the consent of the person for whom the conservatorship is to benefit. Thus, the conservatee decides who will serve as conservator, and what property and powers of the conservatee will be included in the conservatorship. In addition, the conservatee decides which of the guardianship duties and procedures and conservator follows and the Court enforces.

After a petition is filed, and the matter heard, the Court will determine if the petitioner is infirmed, the petition is voluntary and the conservator is suitable. If the petition is granted, the Court, while the conservatorship exists, will apply the laws and procedures of Ohio pertaining to guardianship, except those excluded by the conservatee.

A Conservatorship is terminated by judicial determination of incompetency, the death of the conservatee, the order of the Probate Court, or the execution of a written termination notice by the conservatee.


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