Household Pollution

Every person plays a role in creating storm water pollution. Most of us use chemicals in or around our homes every day. When we are finished, we usually dispose of them in a way that is convenient and easy-dumping them on the lawn or down the drain. However, this improper disposal of chemicals is harming our water supply.

Many common household products contain toxic ingredients that can pollute the environment and threaten public health. Avoid household products with hazardous ingredients or handle them with extreme care.

No Dumping Sign in Storm Water Drain
Hazardous products are often marked with the following labels to let you know how toxic they are:
  • Poison: Highly toxic
  • Danger: Extremely Flammable, Corrosive or Toxic
  • Warning: Moderate Hazard
  • Caution: Mild to Moderate Hazard
How to Prevent Household Pollution
Every person can play a part in preventing storm water pollution. You can do this by practicing conservation and properly disposing of materials. Do your part to help by:
Also remember to:
  • Never dump hazardous products or litter down drains, toilets, sewers, or in streams, ponds, and/or lakes
  • Recycle old batteries or use rechargeable batteries
  • Take excess motor oil to a repair shop